recent thoughts of all this... stuff... know what i mean? (a probably english monologue)

hello folks!
yarp, it definitely looks strange, reading the usual dose of senseless stuff in sort-of-english, but there's no work for us to do anymore. this is why we have to seize the time between 9 & 5 and improve some things to look brilliant whilst searching for a new challenge. challenge sometimes is called a profession. a profession is more or less a job. that's what we're trying to find. a job.
okay, we still have one, but we know: soon we won't have it anymore.

for outside-of-the-company-people it's "rumors" to be sold to another - an american based - company. this is not really the problem. we do not love this job enough to do crying and such nor running around, making strange gestures and yelling "WHYYYY?" all trough the halls anytime.

actually, we need a job to earn money.

of course, we would rather prefer lots of money instead of a job. in such a case we would do everything to entertain ourselves with working in cooler jobs, like sounddesigning, moviemaking, cartoonproducing, composing, creating, deleting, worldsaving, cancerhealing... aaarhh, i think, we missed the point.

once again: we're very, very close to become unemployed.

this means, in the even worst case, that we find no new occupation in time, we have to go to the "arbeitsagentur" (the direct translation to this is a funny word for an even more ridiculous institution, it's "jobagency" - i'm still rolling on the floor...) every day and find an explanaition of a definite consequence: there is no job today, least of all for you brickhead!

again, you're doing the typical well-hated stuff, which marches upon a complete waste of time and brain cells: you're going to spend lots of money for a quite appropriate hairdo and even more for the silly "i'm-not-eating-children,-i-promise!" photos which have to be done for the cv.

but the worst things are the following:

- stalking the internet for interesting companies in the surroundings and collecting the information for the building of a
- written application and write volumes of shitty stuff to pretend you'll be the right person for a
- job interview.

you are going to visit the company for the first time, you don't know who is who, but everybody knows you. this is not really fair.

before that, inbetween and afterwards you have to wait.

no time for fun, sleep nor meditation-bookwriting - you have to be available. asap. they call you, you have to come. without any kind of teleporting-technology. of course.

this is hard.

then you appear, smelly and wet, maybe you're a bit aggressive, because everyone and erverything annoys you - the slowlycreeping bridge-club of the old-age residence next door, the busdriver(s), the schoolkids, the traffic lights, the weather, the cosmic radiation and even your own bloody body.

so you get there - when lucky and smart, you find the right entrance directly and prevent yourself from flirting with the bouncer - and you have to talk. talk a lot. this is the most important thing! listen to the first question and do not stop talking until you find something interesting enough to make "them" ask nearly the same question again. you can also lead your monologue to a question you can ask to underline your pretended interest to the company.
at the end of this sort of grilling you usually leave the buliding with a "we contact you as soon as possible".
if the message is negatvie, start again. if you receive no information anyway, start again aswell. if they vote you for employment, get yourself a reliable alarm clock and start working again.
the annoying procedure often stops with signing the agreement and another nerved process will start again: your very own employment.
and then?
get married, produce children, buy a house, become old, stay healthy, die when very old. amen.

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